HRSR Fume Incineration

Cain Industries HRSR (Heat Recovery Silencer Radial) Fume Incineration

Heat Recovery Silencer Radial

The HRSR (Heat Recovery Silencer Radial) Series is designed to receive total liquid flow, reduce gas temperatures to desired levels, and lower exhaust noise reducing the need for a muffler. The modulating exhaust bypass assembly will allow the tempering of exit temperatures to achieve optimal heat recovery. The radial design allows finned tube access for cleaning and inspection. A single row of finned tubing with optional removable Swagelok™ compression fittings, provides maximum thermal efficiency and easy access for cleaning, inspection or replacement.

The HRSR is engineered for vertical or horizontal operation, combustion capacity up to 4000kW, and entering gas temperature up to 1,250°F to match the needs of your specific application.

Combustion Sources
Incinerators, thermal oxidizers, catalytic converters, engines, boilers

Exhaust Application
Capacity: 500 to 20,000 SCFM
Entering Gas Temps: 450°F to 1,250°F
Heat Sink Types: engine jacket water, process water, boiler water and ethylene glycol

  • Full Exhaust Bypass with Damper Assembly
  • Modulating Actuator
  • Liquid Manifold with Removable Compression Fittings
  • Control Panel Assembly
  • ASME Stamp (optional)
  • Factory Insulation, Carbon Steel Exterior, Stainless Steel Interior
  • Structural Support