ITR Fume Incineration

Cain Industries ITR (Incinerator Tube Recovery) Fume Incineration

Incinerator Tube Recovery

The ITR (Incinerator Tube Recovery) Series is specifically designed for high temperature exhausts. All gas side surfaces in contact with the exhaust are stainless and/or high temperature alloy. Combustion sources with round exhausts require optional stack transitions. Special fin spacing specifications can be offered dependent on fouling conditions. The internal gas bypass can be used to bypass heat (up to 70% dependent on the application) and temper water and/or the exiting gas temperatures.

Combustion Sources
Incinerators, thermal oxidizers and catalytic converters

Exhaust Application
Capacity: All Load Conditions
Entering Gas Temps: 1,250°F to 2,000°F
Heat Sink Types: process water, boiler feedwater, hot water return, potable water and hot oil

  • 10 Gauge Structural Exterior
  • High Temperature Alloy Interior
  • 4" Factory Insulation
  • High Temperature Alloy Internal Bypass
  • No Pressure Welds in the Gas Stream
  • Internal Thermal Expansion Design
  • Mounting Flanges for Welding to Existing Stack or Adapters
  • Removable Access Door
  • Header Manifold for High Liquid Flow
  • Compression Fittings for Tube Removal and Replacement